How to Get Basic Pinterest Pin

Pinterest is social bookmarking sites in the worlds, this is the best bookmarking sites ,
pinterest as a hot traffic source right now , so try to your best choice in this field .
Here you can do everything . also How to Get Basic Pinterest Pin
Example : How to Get Basic Pinterest Pin
Pin a pictures, social media link share , video embed , and social profile created and much more.
here you can pin a pictures very easily also create board very easy , just follow me ,

how can possible ?
look at continue with us and now about How to Get Basic Pinterest Pin ,
today i will like to show how to create pinterest basic profile
step by step i will showed , and How to Get Basic Pinterest Pin for beginners .
please follow me on next step .


1. First login your pinterest account and stay on your dashboard also see below your board , click on your board and stay connect for next step .

5.Basic Pinterest Pin[(000095)13-05-27]


2. Now choose your options , if you want to pin from web so click The Web and your device so click the Your Device.

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3. Now you can choose the device so select a picture from your computer . see below .

stay connect with us for next step .

5.Basic Pinterest Pin[(003883)13-07-32]


4. Now you can see uploading… stay connect with us for next step .

5.Basic Pinterest Pin[(004006)13-07-48]


5. Now pic a board , you have a more board so you can choose that , what related to your pin , then write down description below , and then you have a any source link so put on . then click to Pin it button .

Congress your pin is complete .

5.Basic Pinterest Pin[(004178)13-08-05]


6. Finally you are done for this step , see below to your new pin and enjoy!!! <3 .

5.Basic Pinterest Pin[(004258)13-08-20]

All most done .

if you want to more tips and tricks so please comment and share to your friends .

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