Facebook Set to Upgrade All apps to Graph API by April 30


(Image Source: Facebook)

Facebook app developers have till Apr thirty to modify their apps to the social network\’s second version of its Graph API before being mechanically switched.

Facebook product manager Simon Cross aforesaid in a very diary post on Tues that the corporate would begin upgrading all apps to Graph API version two.0 on Apr thirty.

The company 1st proclaimed the recreate of the Graph API, at the side of its new login with light-weight review method, at its F8 summit in Apr 2014.

Facebook claimed that the recreate of the Graph API would facilitate developers build, grow, and monetize their apps, whereas the new Facebook login would provide individuals a lot of management over the knowledge they share with apps.

While the new API and Facebook login were accessible to developers from that date, the corporate aforesaid at the time that it might migrate all apps to version two.0 of its Graph API mechanically by Apr this year. Already, several developers square measure migrating their apps, in line with Facebook.

Starting Apr thirty, Facebook can begin upgrading all apps to the new login and second version of Graph API, and take away any permissions that, by that date, haven\’t been approved via its login review. The migration can roll bent on all apps over the course of some weeks.

The company aforesaid it might conjointly begin to default all “unversioned calls to v2.0”, telling developers that if their app makes a decision to the Graph API while not the version such, it\’ll behave as a v2.0 decision to a similar end point.

If associate degree app has not nevertheless been migrated, developers will choose in to the migration at any time by change their app\’s code to use Graph API v2.0.

“We powerfully suggest upgrading by these strategies”, instead of looking forward to the automated upgrade, as this provides you a lot of management over once individuals begin seeing changes in your app,\” aforesaid Cross within the post.

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