Facebook Notifications: Everything You Need to Know About the MAJOR Update Coming Soon

Facebook notifications Everything you need to know about the MAJOR update coming soon

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Facebook has been testing a fresh layout to the Notifications tab inside its common mobile app.

It seems Facebook needs the Notifications tab to play the same role to Google currently
The new menu vogue are inhabited with content from across the vastly fortunate social network.

Notifications are divided into eight totally different classes and can embody friends\’ birthdays, at the moment within the past and near folks and places of interest.

Each of the eight sections may be enlarged to show additional content.

Trending stories from across the online and common native news things area unit currently enclosed within the tab – hinting at Facebook’s ambition to become a news collector.

It is clear the tab isn\’t any longer an inventory of uncomprehensible Notifications however instead a one-stop outline of Facebook activity from across the social network.

It seems Facebook needs the Notifications tab to play the same role to Google currently and deliver location-aware info to the user.

The final unharness date for the updated Notifications tab – that is presently being tested internally – isn\’t however identified.

A exponent for Facebook confirmed the update was within the works.

He told Mashable: \”We area unit testing associate degree updated Notifications tab that adds extra, relevant content regarding everything which may be useful to understand on a specific day.”

It is believed the update can roll go in the United States of America before it\’s deployed worldwide.

New Features

• Birthdays

• Life Events: an inventory of the foremost recent updates and posts.

• Events: shows an inventory of events developing in your calendar

• Near Places: an inventory of 3 places to eat near your current location.

These area unit time-sensitive and alter throughout the day – as an example, it\’ll suggest a breakfast bar very first thing within the morning.

• Trending Topics: 3 topics from the prevailing Trending Topics space found within the current News Feed.

• News Shared Locally: a range of the foremost common news stories in your native space.

• Now a days within the Past: a range of posts and photos from at the moment within the past.

• Near Friends: Shows an inventory of your nighest (literally) Facebook friends. This solely displays users have opted-in to the prevailing feature on mobile.

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