A Defense of “Small Content”: 6 Shorter Blog Post Types that Still Work

6 Shorter Blog Post Types that Still Work

6 Shorter Blog Post Types that Still Work

I think “big content” is effective and can still defy the short attention-spanned crowd. I additionally assume there\’s still an area for “small” content in your content selling efforts. With Google repeatedly causation animals resolute squash skinny, duplicate content and lots of sensible marketers singing the praise of long-form content, some forget that short, helpful content will still get nice results.

You shouldn’t produce thousands of skinny pages of content that don’t add any significant data, however you furthermore may don’t would like 2,000 words within the queue anytime you hit publish.

Let’s practise six specific content varieties that you simply will produce for your business wherever you’ll be able to “get in, add value, and find out” in considerably but one thousand words.

1. Share a selected, Valuable Tip
It’s okay to produce a chunk of content that\’s hyper centered. rather than writing Associate in Nursing blanket guide, you\’ll share one to a few specific tips for obtaining additional individuals to share your content.

You could mine these for your specific business in an exceedingly kind of ways:

Drill right down to take a short consider a selected step of a given manoeuvre or method.
Take attention-grabbing thoughts that you simply or somebody on your team has shared on Twitter, flesh them out a little, and switch them into a fast, crisp journal post.
Share specific ideas (and save the additional thorough examination for extended posts – or your book).
2. Answer a selected Question
Not each question needs a thousand-word answer. If you’re frequently making content, you\’ll be gazing business forums and polling your prospects and customers get content ideas. a number of the queries they raise and issues they struggle with are going to be extraordinarily complicated and should need a awfully elaborated, windy practise.

But several won’t.

It’s okay to purpose readers within the direction of the correct answer, and provides a 100-word response that right away answers the question. After all, Google was imagined to be organizing all of the world’s data and that they appear to be moving additional and additional towards this approach themselves.

3. produce a Glossary-Style Post
Glossary vogue posts work okay for overviews. a group of those pages are often extraordinarily useful for beginners in your niche. These varieties of posts may drive organic search traffic for low- to mid-competition “informational” keywords.

4. Publish a News-Oriented Post
Talking regarding trending news stories in your niche are often an excellent supply of traffic and thanks to establish authority.

5. Don’t dump Resource Posts
People love “tool” posts. everybody needs to be additional productive, and notwithstanding your niche, your audience likes to notice ways in which to be additional economical.
6. produce “Satellite” Assets
If you created a vast plus, there area unit most likely variety of attention-grabbing “satellite” assets close at intervals it. consider all of the various nuggets you\’ll pull out of a giant piece of content! Here area unit some examples:

Specific information Points – produce shorter, individual posts to focus on specific elements at intervals a bigger plus. World Health Organization knows? a stimulating reality would possibly catch readers’ eyes even additional therefore than the long-form post.
Quotes – If you printed Associate in Nursing in-depth interview, specialize in a stimulating quote and add context or some extent of read.
If you’re investing any of those ways, detain mind this: the concept isn\’t to bring forth a large amount of low-quality content. you are doing not ought to abandon meaty, cornerstone assets. the purpose here is this: Shorter content isn’t the enemy. If you\’ll produce a stimulating and valuable content in an exceedingly few hundred words, “don’t let pandas” or “penguins” scare you from manufacturing shorter content.

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