15 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Posts (Other Than Facebook And Twitter)

15 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Posts (Other Than Facebook And Twitter)


Simply writing and publication web log posts isn’t enough. There’s most digital noise out there nowadays that this isn’t associate “if you build it, they\’ll come here” simple quite issue. you work has solely begun once you hit the “Publish” “button” – currently,everything it’s time to market of your work.

For most bloggers, the natural beginning is to share their content on Facebook and Twitter – however when this, several writers area unit at a loss. If all you’re doing is showcasing your web log posts of these site, you are missing out on the thousands of many potential views that might return from sharing on different platforms.

Here area unit fifteen extra places you ought to be sharing your web log posts:


Turn your web log post into a slideshow presentation victimisation PowerPoint or different computer code, and share the ensuing document on SlideShare. Quality content bestowed during of this format stands out, and many more there’s less competition on SlideShare than on different sites.

Here’s associate example of a web log post that after I Work (my company) changed into a Slideshare presentation:


Not solely is Visual.ly dedicated to serving to corporations produce infographics and different forms of visual content, it conjointly provides a community for sharing these files. By turning your web log content into infographics or different visual content items and sharing them on this web site, you’ll dramatically increase your blog’s exposure.


LinkedIn teams
Sharing your content in LinkedIn teams offers you targeted exposure on the far side your usual list of connections. simply make sure the cluster welcomes shared content, and make certain the post has relevancy to the cluster topic. Being perceived as a transmitter on these sites won’t do any favors for your whole.


Pinterest’s active community makes this an excellent place to make traffic. By posting a lovely, relevant image with a link to your post, your shareable image and content will facilitate bring all readers to you.


Instagram is another visual sharing {site|website|web web site} the same as Pinterest – use a similar strategy you’d use to induce your content noticed there and on Twitter on this site. Instagram features a robust extend to the teenager and young adult demographics, creating it a really enticing content sharing choice for brands.


If you wish traffic quick, look no additional than Triberr. This platform could be a social network wherever connection targeted “tribes” will assist you build relationships with different bloggers and earn traffic by sharing others’ content.


StumbleUpon could be a social network that enables users to browse random web content by clicking the “Stumble” button to your mouse courser. You can Add your content to the network option, and if users am fond of it (as noted by their ratings of your post), it’ll become a much money more of possible to seem within the random search rotation. It’s a simple thanks to drive credibleness and increase audience.


Google+ Communities
Google+ is another social networking tool that may be accustomed expand the reach of your web log. By posting into targeted Google+ communities, you’ll get your content items ahead of interested readers so as to spice up traffic. Again, though, use caution of returning off as too self-promotional. Post distinctive content to Google+ and make sure that any shares you post provide legitimate price to your followers.


If you web log concerning tiny business in a way, take into account sharing your post to BizSugar. This web site is meant to assist bloggers share tiny news and tips, creating it an excellent place to seek out new readers if this is often your target market.


Your Email List
By employing a lead magnet – a valuable free giveaway that’s provided in exchange for your followers’ email addresses – it’s straightforward to make an inventory of subscribers United Nations agency have an interest in your content and your trade. after you have new web log contents, everything share it along with your list via as their email. If you post often, take into account causing weekly or biweekly updates to avoid overwhelming your subscribers with messages.


Scoop.it is one in every of the places net users head to once they’re searching for new, attention-grabbing content, creating it an excellent place to publish your web log posts. you\’ll begin victimisation the program without charge, however these “freemium” accounts area unit restricted to 1 topic. For $11/month, you\’ll upgrade to 5 topics, whereas business accounts with fifteen topics area unit $67/month.


Niche-Based Social Bookmarking Sites
Depending on your specific focus, you\’ll post to a spread of social bookmarking sites. Inbound.org, for instance, is nice for SEO, SMO, blogging, and web selling. ManageWP.org could be a sensible place to post WordPress-related articles, whereas DesignFloat is ideal for net designers, and DZone could be a sensible appropriate developers.

Blog interact
Blog interact could be a web site that allows you to publish web log posts on a good kind of topics for others to scan. Everything from finance to anime to cosmetics is roofed, therefore notwithstanding what your focus is, you\’ll realize associate audience of potential new readers on this web log sharing web site.

Industry-Specific Social Networks
Apart from niche-based social bookmarking sites, its simple to some industries have their own specific social networks wherever they share info, facilitate one another, and provide recommendation. Active Rain from Trulia, for instance, could be a network created solely for Realtors. If your trade features a similar network, make sure you’re sharing your work there.


Finally, if you have got a particular niche, there’s possible a Reddit sub-forum for it. That said, Redditors (the site’s users) are often terribly intense, therefore make certain the content you share is extremely targeted, terribly high-quality and utterly freed from “marketing-speak”. the location features a large quantity of traffic, therefore if you\’ll gain credibleness, this may be an excellent supply of audience for your web log.

Finding places to share your web log posts isn’t troublesome – the net is a vast place with an incredible variety of opportunities. simply make sure that your content has relevancy to the particular community you target and meets tight quality tips before sharing. after you do therefore, you’ll discover that there area unit thousands of potential readers obtainable out there for you that you’d ne\’er meet by sticking out to Facebook and Twitter alone.

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